Washington County Fair, the largest fair in Rhode Island, could be aptly described as a labor of love. After over 40 years, it has come a very long way from that first modest event held on the grounds of Perryville Grange in Wakefield in 1967. It began as a way to emphasize the importance of agriculture in our daily lives and to recreate the long time tradition of the county fair which was an important part of our heritage. 

The idea for the Fair originated in the Washington County Pomona Grange which encompassed all the Subordinate or local Granges in the County. The Fair is owned and operated by the Washington County Pomona Grange. The Grange, Order of Patrons of Husbandry, is a National Organization with headquarters in Washington, DC. It is a Non-Profit fraternal organization with members in 38 states across the Nation. Organized December 4, 1867, it is the oldest Farm Family Fraternity in the Country with an enviable record of community service and good citizenship as cornerstones of its long history. 

The individual Granges that make up the Pomona Grange do a tremendous amount of community service within their respective communities. Some of their work includes; kitting hats for newborns at hospitals, donating new dictionaries to elementary schools, giving food to the local food banks, donations to local charities and financial scholarships to high school students. Also the local Granges support Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H clubs, FFA, and other Agricultural organizations both financially and by hosting their meetings in their Grange halls and at the Fair Grounds. All the food booths at the Fair are Non-Profit and for most it is the primary fundraiser for their budgets for the year. 

Our fair continued in Wakefield for two more years and by then it had become evident that more space was needed. A search for land culminated with the purchase of a large tract of land in Richmond. It seemed ideal for our needs and featured a large stand of pine trees on a sloping hill which we could envision as a natural amphitheater. The purchase was not only for a home for the fair, but as a recreational area for other organizations to enjoy. Now there was much to do. There was land to cleared, boulders to be removed, booths to build and a stage to be constructed. The list was awesome, but the Grangers were ready for the task. Grangers from other parts of the state and people who were interested in the project all came to lend a hand. It should be noted that the work on these grounds has been accomplished primarily by Grangers and their friends who have volunteered their time and talents to help the Fair grow and prosper.

As the years went by, more and more improvements have been added; the latest being the addition of a third ring for pulling events, a new sheep/goat barn, and a tremendous museum holding a vast collection of Agricultural equipment and other items from the past. A steering committee composed of Grange members from all walks of life guided the Fair. None had any experience running a Fair, but they have learned "on the job" so to speak. The Committee meets at least once a month and as soon as one Fair is in the books, they begin work on the next. The goal has always been to have an Authentic County Fair where families can come to enjoy the flavor of an earlier time in our history. The Washington County Fair is directly attributable to the countless numbers of men, woman and young people who have worked so tirelessly on this Labor of Love. 

We welcome you here and hope that your visit will be enjoyable. If you would like to participate as a Grange member / volunteer, the welcome mat is always out.


Sponsored by RI State Grange Agriculture Committee
261720- All entries will be displayed in a Scarecrow Garden outside, at the Washington County Fair.
Open to all - young or old! 

  1. Construct a scarecrow or scarecrows at least 3 feet, but not more than 6 feet tall, total base not over 3’ deep and 8’ frontage.
  2. Frame may be made of any material. May either be in sitting or standing position. Use your imagination in dressing him or her, or them or it. Use recycled materials.
  3. No kits may be used.
  4. Open to all. General public invited to participate.
  5. To be entered and displayed at the Washington County Fair, Monday before Fair, between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM
  6. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ($20, $15 and $10. $5 honorable mention)
  7. You must pick up scarecrows Sunday of Fair, between 8:00 and 9:00 PM


Chairperson: Kristine Bell
(401) 294-3486
Tel: 401-364-6825

This year's theme is: "Country Fair Agriculture at its Best"


1. Each Grange must fill out and return a registration card before setting up their exhibit.

2. The Exhibit will occupy a 4 x5 foot area.

3. Exhibits may contain home grown fruit, vegetables and farm products, canned goods, and any non perishable product that comes from RI’s aquaculture economy. Perishable goods may not be used and fresh cut flowers are also prohibited. Potted flowering plants may be used in your display (please water when putting up your exhibit). Eggs will also be allowed. All products must be grown or produced by Grange members of the exhibiting Grange and their family members.
4. Exhibits will be set up by 9:00 PM on Monday before Fair

5. Groups:
 Group #1- Pomona Granges
 Group #2- Subordinate Granges
 Group #3- Junior Granges

6.Judging as follows:
 A. Arrangement in relation to theme - 30%
 B. General appearance of entire exhibit - 25%
 C. Quality of Products Displayed - 25%
 D. Variety of product displayed - 20%

7. Prizes:
 Pomona: 1st $50.00, 2nd $40.00, 3rd $30.00, 4th $20.00
 Subordinate: 1st $50.00, 2nd $40.00, 3rd $30.00, 4th $20.00
 Junior: 1st $30.00, 2nd $20.00, 3rd $10.00


Snap Beans - 10 to a plate
261010 Snap Beans Green
261011 Snap Beans Any Other

Beets - 5 to a plate
261020 Red
261021 Any other type or color

Potatoes - 5 to a plate
261030 White
261031 Red
261032 Any other color

261040 Large - 3 to a plate
261041 Small - 10 to a plate
261042 Paste - 3 to a plate
261043 Small Pear (any color) - 3 to a plate
261044 Any other variety

Peppers - Hot - 5 to a plate
261060 Jalapeno Type
261061 Chile Type 5 - 12" long
261062 Cluster or Cherry Type
261063 Cayenne Type 3 - 6" long
261064 Any Other Type

Peppers - Sweet - 3 to a plate
261050 Sweet Bell
261051 Sweet Long
261052 Sweet Color

Carrots - 5 to a plate
261300 261070 Any Type

Cabbage - 1 head to a plate, unpeeled
261080 Green
261081 Red

Cucumbers - 3 to a plate
261090 Standard
261091 Pickling
261092 Any other type

Eggplant - 2 to a plate
261100 White
261101 Standard
261102 Any other type

Squash - Summer 3 to a plate
261110 Yellow Straight Neckbr> 261111 Yellow Crookneck
261112 Yellow Zucchini
261113 Zucchini
261114 Any other type

Squash - Winter 1 to a plate
261120 Acorn
261121 Butternut
261122 Hubbard
261123 Buttercup
261124 Any Other type

Pumpkins - 1 to a plate
261150 Pie 6-8" diameter
261151 Field 9-14" diameter

Onion (unpeeled with out stem) - 3 to a plate
261130 White
261131 Yellow
261132 Red 261133 Any Other type

Other Vegetables
261160 Cauliflower - 1 head to a plate
261170 Broccoli - 1 head to a plate
261180 Celery-1 bunch to a plate
261200 Watermelon
261210 Oriental Vegetables
261220 Lettuce - 1 head to a plate
261230 Lettuce, any other type

Sweet Corn (unpeeled) - 3 ears to a plate
261140 Yellow
261141 White
261142 Bicolor
261143 Any other type

Any Other Vegetable
261240 Must be named. Root crop, 3 to a plate. Leaf or Stem, 1 bunch or head to a plate. Others, 1 to a plate.
261190 Heirloom Vegtable - 1 to a plate. Variety must be named to earn a ribbon.

Exhibitor's Container Contest
Rosettes and prizes awarded: 1st - $15.00 | 2nd - $10.00 | 3rd - $5.00
261250 Vegetables
261251 Gourds

Judging as follows:
a. General appearance - 35%
b. Originality - 35%
c. Variety - 30%

261300 Indian Corn - 3 ears to a plate
261301 Gourd - best single specimen (large or small)
261302 Miniature Pumpkin - 3 to a plate

261304 Garlic - 3 bulbs to a plate
261306 Dill - 3 stems in water
261307 Italian or Plain Parsley - 3 sprigs in water
261308 Curled Parsley - 3 sprigs in water
261309 Thyme - 3 stems in water. Must be named.
261310 Rosemary - 3 stems in water
261311 Sweet Green Basil (including green ruffle) - 3 stems in water
261312 Sweet Red Basil including Bicolor (including red ruffle) 3 stems
261313 Any Other Basil - 3 stems in water
261314 Sage - 3 stems in water
261316 Any Other Herb Variety - 3 stems in water. Must be named.
261317 Mint. Any type
261318 Hops

Unusual Specimens - 1 to a plate
261410 Malformed Specimens - Undecorated
261420 Sunflower - Largest Head

Largest Pumpkin / Squash of the Fair
261430 - Rosettes ribbons award to 1st - $15.00 | 2nd - $10.00 | 3rd - $5.00

Heaviest Zucchini of the Fair (will be weighed at Fair)
261440 Prizes: Rosette ribbons awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Corn, Sunflowers, Baled Hay
261450 Tallest Corn - will be measured at the Fair
261460 Tallest Sunflower - will be measured at the Fair
261470 Baled Hay - varieties judged on own merit

Egg Class
261480 Best Dozen, White Eggs
261481 Best Dozen, Brown Eggs
261482 Best Dozen, Colored Eggs
261483 Heaviest Egg - Any Color

Decorated Vegetable Divison
1. Any variety of vegetables.
2. Entries accepted at the Agriculture Building on Monday the week of the Fair only, between 10:00AM and 10:00PM.
3. Prizes: 1st,$5.00 2nd,$3.00 and 3rd,$2.00
4. Judged on own merit.
261600 Open to all ages

Junior Gardeners Division

1. Exhibitors must be 12 and under years of age.
2. All previous vegetable entry rules apply as in regular division.
3. Best of show Vegetable will be awarded.
4. A cash award will be given for 1st,$5.00 2nd,$3.00 and 3rd,$2.00 Any color or type of the following:

261701 Tomato, 3 to a plate
261702 Pepper, 3 to a plate
261703 Summer Squash, 3 to a plate
261704 Snap Beans, 10 to a plate
261705 Beets, 3 to a plate
261706 Potatoes, 3 to a plate
261707 Cucumbers, 3 to a plate
261708 Sweet Corn, 3 to a plate
261709 All other vegetables, 3 to a plate. 1 Bunch or head to a plate.


Chairperson: Joanne Jordan
8 Muratore Lane, Charlestown, RI 02813
(401) 364-9410


  1. All entries for Annuals, Perennials, House Plants and Floral Art A, must be in show by 9:00 PM the Monday of Fair week. Cut flowers in poor condition will be removed after 9:00 PM on Friday by staff. All exhibits may be removed after 8:00 PM Sunday (last day of Fair).
  2. All entries for Dahlia Specialty Show and Floral Art B must be in the show by 11:00 AM Saturday during Fair. Judging will start immediately thereafter. The building will be open at 7:00 AM to accommodate exhibitors. All exhibits may be removed after 8:00 PM Sunday. None before! Exhibits not claimed by 9:00 PM will be disposed of.
  3. The Fair Committee will not be responsible for plants, flowers or containers in Show. Diseased or insect infested plants and flowers will be disqualified and removed from exhibition.
  4. All exhibitors must fill out entry cards giving name, complete address and zip code or any premiums awarded will be forfeited. Maximum 50 entries. If cards are needed in advance please call. Building committee will not be responsible for ribbons not picked up by Sunday closing.
  5. Exhibits must be placed in correct color or type category, ask chairperson if unsure.
  6. All containers will be furnished by the show committee except where stated otherwise and in the Floral Art divisions. Floral Art specimens may be exhibited in the owner's bud vase.
  7. All materials in Floral Art A must be suitable for 4 days. All materials in Floral Art B must be suitable for 2 days. Dahlias must predominate in floral Art B.
  8. Named varieties of flowers or plants should be written on tags, especially Roses. (Ex.: --- Zinnia var. Thumbelina, or 210341 Dwarf Canna Lily var. Lucifer). Tagging plants when grown is important, call Chairperson for suggestions.
  9. 211 - Youth Class: All entrants 12 years old and younger can enter any category in Flower Division. They must grow their entry, and will be judged in the youth class, noting varieties, when possible.
  10. All categories will be judged on the Danish Method. Each will be judged on its own merit and awarded accordingly. Judges' decisions are final. Classes judged with 3 or more entries.
  11. Cash prizes and ribbons will be awarded in each class. First place - $5.00; Second Place - $3.00; Third Place - $2.00.
  12. Dahlia Classes will be covered by RI and American Dahlia Society rules.
  13. All specimen classes must be grown by Exhibitors.
  14. Best of Show Rosettes will be awarded in Floral Art A; one each based on merit, not total ribbons.


1. Each Annual type will be grouped by color and number of flowers with stems before judging.
2. Same color MUST be in the vase, unless collection.

101 Asters (3)
102 Bachelor Buttons (3-5)
103 Calendula (1-3)
104 Cosmos Small under 2" (3)
105 Cosmos Large over 2" (3)
106 Celosia (3-5) Large head over 3" (1-3)
107 Impatiens (5)
108 Marigold (1) Large bloom diameter 3" and over
109 Marigold (3) Medium blooms diameter 2"-3"v 110 Marigold (3) Small blooms diameter less than 2"
111 Collections (Mixed colors of same group & size Marigolds, Impatiens, Pansies, Snapdragons, Dianthus, Carnations, etc.) (3-5)
112 Pansies (5)
113 Petunias (3) Single
114 Petunias (3) Double
115 Snapdragons (1) Large Spike 5" and over
116 Snapdragons (3) Small Spike under 5"
117 Sunflower (1) Large 5" and over
118 Sunflower (3) Small under 5"
119 Zinnias Large (1-3) over 3"
120 Zinnias (3) Medium 1½" - 3"
121 Zinnias (3-5) Small less than 1 ½"
122 Any other varieties Large (1) 3" and up
123 Any other varieties Medium (3) 1½" - 3"
124 Any other varieties Small (5) under 1 ½"
125 Violas (5) 3"-5"
126 Verbena (3)
127 Annual Foliage any type, (3) stems
128 Fresh cut dried Flower (1) Large over 4" Annual or Perennial
129 Fresh cut dried Flowers (3) under 4" Annual or Perennial
130 Unusual / Deformed Annual



Flower Size Classification - size measurement of bottom florets (1 of the flowers)

Miniature Florets under 2 ½", stem length 17":
200 Miniature - Stem Any Color

Small Florets 2½"to under 3 ½", stem length 17":
210 Small - Stem Any Color

Medium Florets 3½" to under 4 ½", stem length 20":
220 Medium - Stem Any Color

Large Florets 4½" to 5½", stem length 20":
230 Large - Stem Any Color



Arrangement title, "Only in Rhode Island" - A vertical modern creative arrangement. Design must include some plant material. Design must be a minimum of 24" high.

1. Gladiolus must predominate in each arrangement.
2. Artificial materials allowed.
3. Other flowers and plant materials of all types, including dried, allowed in each class unless stated otherwise.
4. Only one entry in each class.
5. Gladiolus in arrangements need not be grown by the exhibitor.
6. Label bottom of the container.
7. Accessory or feature may be used. The Fair and Building Committees are not responsible for its safety.
8. Index card naming plant material. 


All specimens must have correct common name to receive a ribbon.

301 Cluster flower (1) large over 3" (ex.: Tall Phlox, Lilies, allium, sedum).
302 Small cluster (3-5) under 3"
303 Spikes (3) large over 12" in length (ex.: Red Hot Poker, Gayfeather - Liatris, Veronica, Salvia).
304 Spikes (5) small under 12" in length (Bellflowers).
305 Any other large perennial (1-3) over 3" (Black-eyed Susan).
306 Any other medium perennial (3) 1½" to 3" (Balloon Flower).
307 Any other small perennial (3) under 1½" (Coreopsis).
308 Foliage (3 stems) over 6"
309 Foliage (5 stems) 6" and under.
310 Flowering Woody Plants (Cluster or Spike)

A. Large Florets over 3" (1 - 3)
B. Medium Florets 1½" to 3" (3)
C. Small Florets under 1 ½" (3 - 5)
D. Unusual / Deformed Perennial / Shrub / Flower (1 - 3)


(Crocus, Caladiums, Lily, Dutch Iris, Liatris, Calla, Lilies, Oxalis, Tulip)
All specimens must have common name and identified varieties. Pots must be 8" or less, classed by pot size 4, 6, or 8"

331 Cut Flowers - (1 - 3) Large over 3"
332 Cut Flowers - (3) Medium 1½" to 3"
333 Cut Flowers - (5) Small under1 ½"
334 Potted 4" container
335 Potted 6" container
336 Potted 8" container


(Canna Lilies, Begonias, Iris, Day Lily, Mums, and etc.)
All specimens must have common name and identified varieties. Pots must be 8" or less, classed by pot size 4, 6, or 8"

341 Cut Flowers - (1 - 3) Large over 3"
342 Cut Flowers - (3) Medium 1½" to 3"
343 Cut Flowers - (5) Small under1 ½"
344 Potted 4" container
345 Potted 6" container
346 Potted 8" container


(Butterfly Weed, Tall Carpatica, Blue Bells, Chinese Lantern, Strawberry, Ajuga)
All specimens must have common name and identified varieties. Pots must be 8" or less, classed by pot size 4, 6, or 8"

351 Cut Flowers - (1 - 3) Large over 3"
352 Cut Flowers - (3) Medium 1½" to 3"
353 Cut Flowers - (5) Small under1 ½"
354 Potted 4" container
355 Potted 6" container
356 Potted 8" container 


Type and variety MUST be listed to receive ribbon (number of cut stems).

401 Hybrid Tea
Generally tall and stately, hybrid tea has large well formed blooms and long cutting stem (1 - 3), planted as singles, 6 - 10" stem & flowers.

402 Grandiflora
Tall with same form as hybrid tea but usually bloom in clusters or shorter stems (1-3), Planted as singles, lower grower, 6 - 10" long stems.

403 Floribunda
2nd largest class, lower growing than hybrid tea and bloom heavily, produce clusters of flowers (1-3), 6 - 10" long stems & clusters.

404 Miniatures
These bushes grow only 2 - 3" tall and are literally covered with perfectly formed miniature blooms (1-3), branches 3 - 6" long with flower clusters.

405 Climbing
Growing 8 - 12" per season, need support. Many old fashioned roses or rootstocks (1-3),6 - 10" stem & flowers.

406 Other Roses
Old fashion garden roses (1-3) with rich fragrance and vigorous stems, usually bloom once. Ground Cover Roses (1-3) - landscape roses, form mat or bush 1 - 3" high, stems 3 - 6" long. Tree Roses (1) & Dwarf Miniatures (1) in containers, pots diameter 12" or less, stems 3 - 6" long. 


All plants in this category must be in bloom to be judged on own merit.

501 African Violet - must be in bloom to be judged.
502 Hibiscus
503 Citrus Plant - must have fruit.
504 Orchid - must list species and be in bloom.
505 Any other plant grown for bloom 6" pot or smaller.
506 Any other plant grown for bloom 7" pot or larger (Hibiscus Bromeliad).
507 Hanging Plant grown for bloom 6" pot or smaller. Must be in bloom.
508 Hanging Plant grown for bloom 7" pot or larger. Must be in bloom.
509 Potted annuals in decorative container of exhibitor's choice.
510 Vine Type Plants (ex.: Morning Glory).


(Annual and Perennials) | (Ex.: Artemesia, Coleus, Caladiums)

551 Plant grown for foliage 8" pot or less.
552 Plant grown for foliage 10" pot and over.
553 Hanging plant grown for foliage 8" pot or smaller.
554 Hanging plant grown for foliage 10" pot or larger.
555 Fern - non-garden variety.
556 Cacti and Succulents.
557 Collection of Cactus or Succulents in a single container.
558 Any 6" Potted herb. Must be in a 6" pot and labeled properly by name for a ribbon.
559 Any flowering plant that is not in bloom in 6" pot. (Ex.: Ornamental Flowering Kale and Cabbage).
560 Any Topiary - container 12" or less.


570 A Tiny Garden in a Pot - Pot under 18" - Can spur your imagination like no other hobby. 


  1. The Smith Award for Best of Show Rosette will be awarded in Floral Art A based on merit, not ribbons earned.
  2. Design must be in a waterproof container as watering must be done to keep plant material alive. Please consider this when making arrangements. Exhibitors may show more than 1 entry per category.
  3. All arrangements will be judged on use of garden grown flowers and plant materials only. Props & foam should not show.
  4. Index cards must accompany entry with theme and list of flowers used.
  5. Cash prizes and ribbons will be awarded as follows in the Floral Art division: 1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00
  6. Floral Art A Themes:

#1 - 210601 Celebrating Rural America - An arrangement depicting the country life style.How are you resourceful; Maybe you've been inspired  by a previous generation, living  in close relationship to the land. List theme and materials on a 3 x 5 card.

#2 - 210602 A Country Christmas - Sleighbells; Country charm; bring across  a rustic  winter scene  in the former of an arrangement or wreath. List theme and materials on a 3 x 5 card. 


A list of flower names must accompany the collection on a 3X5 card.

621 Best Collection of Annuals - 5 or more blooms in exhibitor's container.
622 Best Collection of Perennials - 5 or more blooms in exhibitor's container. 


Open Rules: Please contact Show Chairperson for information.

In cooperation with RI Dahlia Society
Barton Buffington, Show Chairperson (401) 789-2994
Walter Taylor (401) 294-3486 |