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Wednesday 12:00 Noon at the Show Barn
Tony Patti
150 Camp Westwood Rd.
Greene, RI 02827
(401) 439-5551
Rules and Regulations:
1. Exhibitors must have owned or managed their sheep on or before July 1. 4-H members are limited to one entry in each class. Separate classes may be provided for purebred wool and meat breeds of sheep. Exhibitors in purebred classes must show their registration papers when called for. Sheep must be shown on halter for all classes. Show is open to all enrolled RI 4-H’ers.
2. 4-H sheep must be penned and registration and rabies/health papers checked in with the 4-H or Open Superintendents by 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday.
3. 4-H sheep will be released by the 4-H Sheep Superintendents by Thursday 6 pm. Each 4-H’er is responsible for breaking down his/her sheep pens provided. If any 4-H sheep are entered and shown in the Open Show, they must stay on the fairgrounds and follow Open Show rules until released by the Open Show Superintendent on Friday, unless previous arrangements are made with Open Show Superintendent.
4. Each exhibitor must show his or her own project sheep alone in the single classes. Another 4-H’er may help the exhibitor if the animal is extremely large, unruly or the 4-H’er has a handicap. (These exceptions must be discussed with the Superintendent prior to the show.) The exhibitor may recruit other 4-H’ers to help in the group classes.
*Please refer to Animal Health Regulations located on main menu
Fitting and Showmanship:
All 4-H Exhibitors must enter a Fitting and Showmanship class. Judging of Fitting and Showmanship Classes is based on:
  • Blocking and fitting for the Show.
  • Handling and posing the animal before the judge.
  • Personal appearance and sportsmanship of the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors enter only one Fitting and Showmanship Class:
Freshman, Intermediate, Junior, Senior.
  • Exhibitor Dress: White shirt or blouse; tan or black pants or slacks must be clean and neat (no blue denims).
The following classes may be divided according to breed and/or exhibitor age:
Class Descriptions:
1. FITTING& SHOWMANSHIP, Senior Division: 4-H members 16-19 as of 1-1.
2. FITTING & SHOWMANSHIP, Intermediate Division: 4-H members 13-15 as of 1-1.
3. FITTING & SHOWMANSHIP, Junior Division: 4-H members 10-12 as of 1-1.
4. FITTING & SHOWMANSHIP, Freshman Division: 4-H members 7-9 as of 1-1.
The following classes may be divided according to breed and/or wool breed or Meat breeds:
5. Classes will be the same as the Open show will coincide with the Open show.
6. All entries will be mailed to Tina Fisk-Colt. Entries will be marked 4H and/or Open. 4Her's need to enter the Open show in order to receive Open show premiums. Proper entry fees for the Open show much accompany the entry form.
Awards: Ribbons for Blue, Red and White placing.
Showmanship Rosette for Freshman, Intermediate, Junior and Senior Champions. Trophies or medals for Freshman, Intermediate, Junior and Senior Showmanship. Trophies given for Champion Ewe, Champion Ram & Champion Market Lamb.
Premiums: 1st — $10.00; 2nd — $7.00; 3rd — $6.00; 4th — $3.00
Showmanship: 1st — $20.00; 2nd — $15.00; 3rd — $10.00; 4th —$5.00
Wednesday at 10:00 A.M., Ring 2
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Susan McLintock - Superintendent
18A Castle Rock Drive
Charlestown, RI 02813

Lori Cobbett , Assistant Superintendent
436 Robin Hollow Road, West Greenwich, RI 02817
Entries Due: August 1
Follow 4-H Guidelines for rules. Refer to general health regulations. All entries are due by August 1. Open to any enrolled RI 4-H member. This is one of the shows that will be qualifying exhibitors for participation in the ESE 4-H Beef show. 4-H members showing in the 4-H show will be required to keep their animals on the fairgrounds for the entire fair, being released Sunday night at 6 pm. All Beef animals are to be kept in the beef barn. Boots or closed toe shoes must be worn at all times. No sandals.
1. Light Weight
2. Medium Weight
3. Heavy Weight
Champion Steer
Reserve Champion Steer
Females - All Breeds
4. 0-3 months
5. 4 -6 months
6. 7 – 12 months
7. 13 – 18 months
8. 2 Years & Older
  Champion Female
Reserve Champion Female
Showmanship and Fitting
  • Freshman - Ages 8 to 9 as of January 1
  • Junior - Age 10 to 12 as of January 1
  • Intermediate - Age 13 to 15 as of January 1
  • Senior - Age 16 to 19 as of January 1
Ribbons will be awarded for Blue, Red and White levels of performance and rosettes for showmanship.
Trophies for freshman, intermediate, junior and senior showmanship champions and champion steer and champion breeding animal.
1st—$10.00; 2nd—$7.00; 3rd—$6.00; 4th— $3.00
Showmanship premiums:
1st—$20.00; 2nd—$15.00; 3rd—$10.00; 4th—$5.00
Saturday at 9:00 AM at Show Barn
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Penny & Tim Tefft, Co-Chairs
455 Main Street, Ashaway, RI 02804
e-mail: TPTefft@aol.com

Lisa Dallas, Assistant Chairman
Rules and Regulations:
TIME: 4-H goats will arrive on Friday 12 pm. All 4-H goats will remain on the fairgrounds until 6pm on Sunday. The show will start promptly at 9:30 am with Senior Showmanship, Junior Showmanship, Intermediate Showmanship & Freshman Showmanship followed by Fitting Classes then Conformation classes.
1. All animals being shown must be owned by the youth or being raised under a management agreement properly filed in the Ex¬tension office prior to June 1. Show is open to all enrolled RI 4-H’ers.
2. If any Rhode Island 4-Her wishes to attend the Eastern States Ex¬position Dairy Goat Show, it is necessary that he or she participate and be judged two RI 4-H Dairy Goat Shows.
3. All animals must have a current year health certificate and have permanent identification number either by tattoo or ear tag and will be checked before unloading. Any animal found to have a serious health problem will not be allowed to unload. The show com¬mittee reserves the right to reject any animal for health reasons if advisable. The dam’s health papers may be used if a kid is under 6 months of age. ** Refer to State of R.I. Regulations in front of program book immediately following Rules of the Fair.**
4. NO HORNED ANIMALS ... NO BUCKS. Wethers are accepted in showmanship classes only, without horns.
5. The original certificate of registration is required for all animals 6 months of age or older. The original certificate of registration or a stamped copy is required for all animals under 6 months of age.
6. There will also be classes for unregistered animals. **Please enter them as Grade**
7. No more than 2 animals owned by the exhibitor in the same class.
8. All 4-H entrants will be responsible for a 1 hour shift to work with their animals and talk to the public in a sectioned area of the goat barn. A sign up sheet will be available at registration.
9. All goat milk will be disposed of in the proper bulk tank near the dairy cow milk area. DO NOT DUMP MILK DOWN THE DRAINS.
10. Pens will be assigned. Space will be tight and tack may need to be in a separate area. Please include on entry form how man single or double pens are required are required and the quantity.
11. Everyone must clean their own stall and area before leaving on Sunday. NO EXCEPTIONS.
12. After unloading all trailers need to be parked in the designated area of the parking lot.
13. There will be no entry fee. Premiums will be paid as follows:
Classes: 1st — $10.00; 2nd — $7.00; 3rd — $6.00; 4th — $3.00
Showmanship: 1st — $20.00; 2nd — $15.00; 3rd — $10.00; 4th — $5.00
No premiums for fitting classes.
14. Entries must be in the hands of the Show Secretary by August 1. NOTE: Goats may not enter the Goat Barn before 12pm on Friday. Please use the 4-H Livestock Form and note on it whether it is Dry, Milking and a Doe or Wether.
15. Exhibitors are encouraged to decorate their stalls and each exhibitor will be judged on Herdsmanship according to their ADGA Score Sheet. This will be judged at random times throughout the entire time of the fair.
16. All exhibitors and families should exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. We want everybody to have a good time!
Fitting and Showmanship:
A. Senior (16-19 years old)
B. Intermediate (13-15 years old)
C. Junior (10- 12 years old)
D. Freshman (8-9 years old)
There will be 5 breed classes:
Recorded grade, AOB, and Grade. The other two classes will be determined by the breeds with the most entries.
Rec. Grade
0 - 4 months
4 - 6 months
6 - 12 months
12 - 24 Dry Doe
Rec. Grade
1 - 2 years
2 - 3 years
3 - 5 years
5 years and over
4503999 Conformation Class Senior DRY Doe
2 to 5 years—All Breeds

Senior Champion and Reserve Senior Champion
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion
Best Doe in Show
Pee Wee Class—Ages 5 to 8 years old. Show begins at 9:00 am on Saturday. This is showmanship & Fitting only. No Conformation Classes.

Show follows all guidelines of 4-H Goat Show with the exception of premiums. Prizes awarded at the discretion of fair committee. No prize money paid for Fitting Class.

Please register using the WCF Livestock Entry Form and Note PEE WEE on the top right hand corner.
Immediately following the 4-H Dairy Goat Show in Show Barn
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Rules and Regulations:
1. Must be a registered goat show exhibitor
2. Sign up is required
3. Goat must always be handled in a human way
Obstacle course will consist of a minimum of 5 stations. This is a timed event
Class Descriptions: All Ages as of January 1st.
Pee Wee: Ages 5 to 8
Junior: Ages 9 to 11
Intermediate: Ages 12 to 15
Senior: Ages 16 to 19
Awards: 1st – $30.00, 2nd - $25.00, 3rd - $20.00, 4th $15.00, 5th - $10.00
Natalie Koussa, Chair - 874-2959 - kouss345@yahoo.com
Liz LaPrise, Co-Chair - 874-2981 elaprise@my.uri.edu
Send entries to:
URI 4-H, 75 Peckham Farm, Kingston, RI 02881

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1. All exhibits must be set up between 3:00 P.M. and 6:30 P.M. on Monday, week of the Fair. Late entries run the risk of not being judged. If you cannot make this drop-off period, entries may be dropped off at Peckham Farm Monday, the week of the Fairon August 13. Please contact the Chariperson if you need to drop off at Peckham Farm.
2. Exhibits cannot be removed from the building before 8:00 PM on Sunday, the last day of the Fair.
3. All other rules are listed in the RI GUIDELINES FOR 4-H EXHBITS.
4. Top part of entry MUST be mailed, postmarked no later than August 1, 2012 OR emailed and include exhibitor's name, 4-H Club, and the number and name for each class you wish to enter. No Late entries will be accepted.
5. Each exhibitor may enter no more than 2 individual exhibits in class 30200 or class 304002.
6. Each exhibitor may enter no more than 3 individual exhibits in class 303002 or class 303004.
7. Cloverbud exhibits will be accepted, but will not be judged and will all receive a green ribbon. Additionally, all cloverbud exhibits must fit into one of the listed categories or classes.
8. SPACE: Individual exhibits must not be larger than 4 feet deep and 3 feet wide. Club exhibits are limited to 4 feet deep and 3 feet wide.
9. Final decision on any questions to do with the 4-H Exhibit Building rests with the 4-H Building Committee.
10. HOSTS AND HOSTESSES: 4-H members/parents/volunteers will be scheduled to greet the public at the 4-H building during the fair and will receive passes for those days. There are 58 hours of scheduling for the Exhibit Hall, all available help is needed. Please email Leah to schedule a time.
11. 4-H WORKING DEMONSTRATION: Individuals and groups will be scheduled to do "show how" demonstrations in the 4-H building on Wednesday through Sunday of fair week. Schedule your group for a day when you can see the fair also. Show the public some of your club's work. Bring enough members so that you can rotate shifts. Register on entry form the time and date you would like to demonstrate, and leave a contact number so that we can call to schedule you.
301001 Variety Show
301002 Baked Goods
301003 Clothing
301004 Crafts
301005 Flowers and Potted Plants
301006 Food Preservation
301007 Vegetable Garden
301008 Other
302001 Variety Show
302002 Baked Goods
302003 Clothing
302004 Crafts
302005 Food Preservation
302006 Other
303001 Sewing (Quilts, needlework, clothing, etc…)
303002 Art (Painting, sculpture & drawings)
303003 Baked Goods (Recipe needs to be submitted on a 3X5 Index Card)
303004 Photography
304001 Club Exhibits
304002 Individual Exhibits
(Sponsored by the SRI All Stars)
1. Open to individuals only.
2. Limit one entry per person.
3. Topic type exhibit to explain to the public "All there is to know about the care of an animal before it reaches the table or old age" - includes disease and Vet service.
4. Prizes: 1st - $10.00, 2nd - $5.00, 3rd - $3.00
5. Poster required
1. Open to individuals only.
2. Topic Exhibit to show off your accomplishments in a 4-H project.
3. Should include pictures of exhibitor working on project, record books kept and finished product if possible.
4. Prizes: 1st - $10.00, 2nd - $7.00, 3rd - $5.00
1. Open to individuals only.
2. A Collection of garden produce attractively displayed in a container of your choice.
3. Will be judged on:
Quality - 75 points; Arrangements - 25 points.
4. May include canning, jams, jellies, and pickles if grown by the exhibitor.
5. Prizes: 1st - $10.00, 2nd - $5.00, 3rd - $5.00
1. An exhibit on any 4-H Topic to be set up with no screen (expressly to be touched).
2. Will be judged by Topic Exhibit score sheet.
3. Prizes: 1st - $25.00, 2nd- $20.00, 3rd - $15.00
1. An exhibit on any 4-H Topic to be set up with no screen (expressly to be touched).
2. Will be judged by Topic Exhibit score sheet.
3. Prizes: 1st - $10.00, 2nd - $7.00, 3rd - $5.00
2. One entry per exhibitor
1. Photo must be no smaller than 5 x 7 and no larger than 8 x 10)
2. Two entries per exhibitor maximum
3. This is a Special class and MUST have a 4-H theme (kids working on a project, project areas, project results…)
1. A design of your choice using no more than 12 stems of flowers (bought or home grown) plus unlimited greens Arranged in a container of your choice (basket, vase, etc…) Exhibitor supplies all materials.
2. Must be done at the exhibit hall on Monday 3-8 PM.
3. Exhibitors should know all the names of the flowers and greens used.
4. Prizes: 1st- $10.00, 2nd - $5.00, 3rd - $5.00


RIBBONS: Ribbons will be awarded to each entry. Best of Show ribbons will be awarded in each class in Categories 303000, 304001, and 304002, as long as the class has at least 3 entries.

Premium money will be paid in all divisions. Unless otherwise noted premiums are as follows. Club Exhibits: 1st Place =$10.00 2nd Place = $7.00, 3rd Place = $5.00
Individual Exhibits: 1st Place =$5.00 2nd Place = $3.00, 3rd Place = $2.00

Click Here For The Farm School Entry Form

Bethany Wright
(401) 559-1414

Friday from 10:30 AM - 3:30PM at the Show Barn

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4-H Farm School at Washington County Fair will provide the opportunity for youth to educate, promote and entertain the public about agriculture and the 4-H program by showcasing their 4-H animal projects. Farm school teams should choose animal topics that will interest the general public, especially small children. Some topic examples are basic grooming, training or showing, breeds, how to milk, shear, or tack up, parts of the body, stages of growth, life cycles, etc. This year participants will be judged against other teams, and will be receiving prize money.
Rules and Regulations:
1. There will be two divisions for the competition: Juniors: ages 8-12 , and Seniors: ages 13-18. All participants must be enrolled in 4-H, and their age is based on their age as of January 1st, 2012. Teams with mixed ages will be required to compete in the division of their oldest teammate.
2. Speakers should be enthusiastic about the topic and the audience. Because there is only one microphone, team members shall take turns speaking, while the rest of the team is demonstrating or holding onto the animal(s).
3. Each team presentation must be at least 10 minutes long, but no longer than 15 minutes. Exhibitors must be prompt and efficient in the set up and cleanup of the presentation areas and materials. A microphone and PA system will be provided.
4. Live farm animals will be a major part of the presentation. All state Animal Health Regulations apply for this program. Animals must be inspected by the appropriate official and have current and correct health certification to be unloaded and allowed on the fairgrounds. If your animal is coming to the fair for this program only, plan to provide your own containment for your animal while it is at the fair. Trailers will have to leave the livestock parking area as soon as 4-H Farm School is finished.
5. Exhibitors and their animals must be on the fairgrounds and registered at least half an hour before their assigned time. If the participants are not present, they (and their team) will be disqualified from the competition.
6. Entries due by August 1st. Due to the limited time available for this program, there will be a limit of 15 presentations. If more than 15 entries are received, teams/individuals will be chosen based on providing a variety of species representation. Early registration is suggested. Participants will receive confirmation of approval.
7. Exhibitors must be clean and dressed appropriately - NO TORN JEANS, SHORT SHORTS, CUTOFFS, or SPAGHETTI STRAPS. Excessive jewelry should not be worn.
8. Juniors and Seniors will be scored separately. Premiums are: 1st Place: $20, 2nd Place: $15, 3rd Place: $10 and 4th Place: $5. Participants will also receive 4-H T-shirts. Participation in Farm School can count towards Public Speaking and Community Service in Record Books and Big-E Applications.
Need Help Coming up with a Topic?
  • Breeds or colors of your animal’s species
  • How to judge your animal for show
  • How to care for your animal at home
  • Explain how to show your animal in showmanship and fitting classes
  • What are some common diseases that infect your animal species? Prevention?
  • Demonstrate first aid procedures for animals
  • How do you train your animal species?
  • What is in my show box?
  • How to milk a cow?
  • How to fit your animal for a show? (sheep shearing, clipping, etc)
How do I make my Presentation interactive?
  • Start with a joke, skit or personal story
  • Ask the audience questions
       o What animal breeds they have
       o What they already know
       o Give them pop quizzes on information you already covered
  • Pick helpers from the audience to:
       o Help you correctly do what you are demonstrating (brushing, etc)
       o Pet the animals
       o Have them act like animals (line up in the ring, be brought into middle for placing)
  • Allow the audience to decide what you are going to talk about next
       o Do you want to learn about Holsteins or Ayrshires next?
       o People like to have choices
This presentation is more like teaching a class of students than giving a speech.
At the end, if time allows, the audience can either enter the ring, or come to the side of the ring to pet your animal (this will be determined by size and safety).
Lisa Cash, Show Secretary

Mary Ann Reynolds, Steward

Dogs and owners should arrive by 7:00 am for State Vet check in and registration.
The show starts promptly at 8:00am.

The SRI 4-H Fair and Washington County Fair Dog Shows will be qualifiers for Eastern States this year!!

Dogs are not allowed on the fairgrounds except in the ring and must be under total control at all times!

RI Law requires all dogs over 12 weeks be vaccinated against rabies.

All dogs will need a health certificate.

Rules and Regulations:

Health Requirements:

Photocopy of current Rabies/vaccination records must be turned in with registration.

Exhibitors must present a certificate signed by their veterinarian showing the dog has a current rabies vaccination. Vaccination must be at least 30 days before the show. Vaccinations are also recommended for distemper, parvo, corona, bordetella and leptospirosis. Certificate must include the producer and vaccine serial or lot numbers.
Parent: The above exhibitor and parent assume all risk of damage or loss either of person, dog or property, from all and every cause whatsoever, including negligence, either on the part of the University of Rhode Island Extension, its officers, volunteers or employees and members against all suits. I further agree to indemnify URI Extension its officers and members against all suits and expenses arising out of any injury claims, demands by any person or damage to any property caused by my animal(s).
Show Uniform: Recommended uniform will be as follows: a clean white dress shirt or blouse or white 4-H T-shirt (may have 4-H clover emblem on left breast), and green pants, culottes, skirt or jumper of appropriate length (no higher than half the knee cap). No bare midriffs are allowed. Any shade of green will be allowed. Members will be disqualified if they are wearing clothing advertising a kennel or breed. For safety reasons, delegates must wear non-skid, closed toe footwear. No jeans or shorts are allowed.
Class Descriptions:

(Ages are determined as of January 1, of current year, but not 19 as of January 1st)

Novice (4Hers in their first year of showing)
Junior (8 - 13)
Senior (14 - 18)

Sub Novice A
Sub Novice B
Novice A

4-H Dog Obedience Classes
Sub- Novice A: For 1st time exhibitors who have not previously trained a dog. Dog and handler may only exhibit in this class for one year.
Sub- Novice B: For 1st time exhibitors who have previously trained a dog in a beginner or more advanced levels of training, or have shown this dog at the sub-novice A level in previous years.
Novice A: For Exhibitors that have not previously trained a dog at Novice or more Advanced levels of training. All of the exercises, with the exception of heel on leash and the figure eight, will be done off lead.
New: You and Your Dog
At the SRI 4-H Fair
You and Your Dog is a program created to allow all 4-H members an opportunity to include their four legged k9 family member as their 4H project without the intensity of training and competing on the dog show level. It is for all members/dogs regardless of ability/disability. Once a member has shown in a
4-H dog show they are not eligible to enter into You and Your Dog.
The judging is done as an individual interview and runs parallel with the 4-H dog
show at the WCF Fair. The areas to be evaluated are the Interview; Knowledge of dog’s care and welfare, 4-Her responds accurately to age appropriate questions taken from the dog knowledge resources which is found on the 4-H web site. Member’s appearance and attitude; appropriate dress, courtesy, poise and good sportsmanship.
Dog’s appearance and attitude; presents evidence of good health (consider age) and good grooming attention given to eyes, ears, coat, teeth, and toenails. Demonstrates good manners and allows examination without resistance.
Creative achievement of member and dog; This is an opportunity to demonstrate special tricks that make your dog unique. Demonstration should not be longer than 3 minutes.
You and Your Dog participants must follow the same rules and guidelines
concerning inoculations and safety set by the RI 4-H dog committee and WCF fair committee.
This program is meant to be fun and a place where 4-H members can include
their dogs in a 4-H activity and gain some recognition for the care that they are given on a daily basis.