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Julie and Paul Brodeur, Co-Chairman
839 Waites Corner Road West Kingston, RI 02892
Telephone: 401-783-1429 E-mail: jabrodeur@msn.com

Kevin Breene
21D Victory Highway, West Greenwich, RI 02807
Telephone: 401-397-5613 | Email: bmholwfrm@aol.com
Please check under your correct show for the arrival dates of your animals. All 4-H animals must be either owned or managed by the appropriate date of their species. Registration and management papers must be available upon request. FFA and other livestock exhibitors will be admitted at the discretion of the chairman. Please check under your correct show for the arrival dates and times for your animals.


All entries accepted between July 1 and August 1. NO LATE ENTRIES. Please note: Entries will be limited to barn space. Due to the increase in participation an exhibitor may be asked to leave additional animals home. We will try to accommodate all entries. All feed and bedding must be provided by the exhibitor. For your animals health requirements please see the **State Health Regulations**

All livestock passes will be given out Tuesday between 4pm and 9pm. No admittance at the livestock gate after 12:00pm NOON on Wednesday without a pass.

Release time for all leaving on Sunday is 6pm. No breaking down exhibits until 5pm on Sunday.
Friday at 1:00 PM at Ring 1
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Mary-Catherine Stockman-Show Secretary

The classes will be judged according to the PDCA Uniform Scorecard for Dairy Showmanship. PDCA suggested guidelines should be adhered to and judges will be asked to follow these recommendations.

Class Descriptions:

• Class 1. Freshman Ages 7-9 as of January 1
• Class 2. Junior Ages 10-12 as of January 1
• Class 3. Intermediate Ages 13-15 as of January 1
• Class 4. Senior Ages 16-20 as of January 1

Showmanship Premiums: 1st $20.00; 2nd $15.00; 3rd $10.00; 4th $5.00

includes the:
Washington County Fair
Jr. and Open All Breeds Dairy Show
Which includes the
66th Annual Black & White Show
38th Annual Ayrshire Show
7th Annual Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey & Milking Shorthorn Show

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Julie A. Brodeur, Chairman
839 Waites Corner Road
West Kingston, RI 02892
Tel: 401-783-1429
Entries are to be sent to Julie Brodeur
All entries due by August 1.

Wednesday—Holstein, Brown Swiss & Guernsey
Thursday—Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn & Jersey

Rules and Regulations:

Shows will start at 10:00 am on both Wednesday and Thursday. All Jr. Classes will show in the morning and milking animals will start at 1pm or as the judge designates. We will have a staggered milking time start for each breed. Times will be announced based upon the number of entries received. Each breed will complete their show, and the next breed will start. If Jr. Animal show is not completed by milking start time, we will start the milking classes and then conclude the Jr. Animals.

Exhibitors are reminded that hay must furnish feed and bedding for their animals.

Exhibitors are required to clean up of tie area after the show.

Entry Fees: $3.00 per head

Wednesday animals should arrive at the Fairgrounds by 9:00am on Wednesday but can arrive on Tuesday evening.

Thursday Animals can arrive after 6pm on Wednesday of the fair and before 9am on the day of the show. Animals will be released upon completion of the show.

Junior exhibitors are required to stay for the entire length of the fair or as barn space permits. Junior exhibitors are required to show in showmanship in order to receive junior premiums. If space allows open exhibitors may stay the length of the fair.
Classes as follows:
420001 Bull Calf Under one year of age
420002 Jr. Heifer Calf Born after 3-1-14
420003 Intermediate Heifer Calf Born 12-1-13 to 2-28-14
420004 Senior Heifer Calf Born 9-1-13 to 11-30-13
420005 Summer Yearling Heifer Born 6-1-13 to 8-31-13
420006 Jr. Yearling Heifer Born 3-1-13 to 5-31-13
420007 Intermediate Yrlng Heifer Born 12-1-12 to 2-28-13
420008 Sr. Yearling Heifer Born 9-1-12 to 11-30-12
420009 Jr. Get of Sire  
420010 Best Jr. Three  
420011 Sweepstakes Showmanship (over 19 years of age)
420012 Jr. Two Year Old Born 3-1-12 to 8-31-13
420013 Sr. Two Year Old Born 9-1-11 to 2-28-12
420014 Three Year Old Cow Born 9-1-10 to 8-31-11
420015 Four Year Old Cow Born 9-1-09 to 8-31-10
420016 Five Year Old Cow Born 9-1-08 to 8-31-09
420017 Aged Cow-over 5 yrs old Born Before 8-31-08
420018 Dry Cow Must have calved at least once
420019 Best Udder (Designated by the judge)  
420020 Sr. Get of Sire  
420021 Produce of Dam  
420022 Daughter-Dam  
420023 Breeder’s Herd of Four Animals (At least two over two & two under two)

Open Premiums: 1st-$30.00; 2nd–$25.00; 3rd- $20.00; 4th-$10.00; and 5th-$5.00

Group Classes: 1st--$30.00; 2nd --$25.00; 3rd --$20.00; 4th --$10.00; 5th --$5.00;

Jr. Premiums: 1st $22.00; 2nd $17.00; 3rd $13.00; 4th $10.00

The fair committee has approved premiums for group classes.
**Refer to State of RI Regulations on the Main Menu**
Saturday 6:00PM @ Showbarn
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Washington County Fair Dairy Clipping Contest
Julie Brodeur - Chairman
839 Waites Corner Road
West Kingston, RI 02892
Telephone: 401-783-1429
E-mail: jabrodeur@msn.com
This clipping contest is a practice and an educational competition for the regional contest held at the Eastern States Exposition.

Animals will be provided by the Beef Superintendent. Clippers and all grooming equipment (i.e.: brushes, extension cords, blowers, chutes, etc.) must be provided by the participants. Each team will consist of three youth involved in AG programs. A fourth person may serve as a coach (i.e.: X-4H'ers, X-FFA). This is optional. Participants must wash and blow-dry the animals prior to the start of the event. This event is timed and judged. All teams must use a chipping chute. Teams must be entered the day before the competition. Prize money and rosettes will be awarded.
1st place team— $90.00
2nd place team— $75.00
3rd — $60.00
4th — $45.00;
5th place team— $30.00; 6th — $15.00
Ron Pierce, Superintendent
60 Shore Drive
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Assistant Superintendent: Shelley & Mike Fitzgerald
1. All entries must be mailed directly to the superintendent.

2. All animals must be in good health and free from disease.
**Please see State Regulations on the Main Menu**

3. All entries must be received by August 1. No late entries accepted.
Limit 20 chickens and 15 rabbits per family.

4. All entries must state – OPEN or Youth (Ages up to 18 years of age), breed of animal (or pet class), variety (or color) and class (cock, hen cockerel, pullet or Sr. Buck or Doe, Jr. Buck or Doe). If you have any questions, please call the superintendent.

5. There will be classes for mixed breed, pet stock as well as purebred.

6. Entry fee is $.75 each in Open Show, $.25 each for the youth show for both chickens and rabbits. Entry fees must be received with the entry or they will not be accepted. Make checks payable to: Washington County Fair.

7. Exhibitors may enter only one show; please state Open Show or Youth Show.

8. All animals must be brought to the Fair on Tuesday between 5pm and 9pm. Animals will be release at 6:30pm on Sunday. Exhibitors must be there at this time.

9. A pass will be given to each exhibitor entering three or more animals only, see Superintendent.

10. Animals will be cared for by experienced volunteers. All animals exhibited will be at the sole risk of the owner.

11. For Sale spaces will be limited, for exhibitors only, see Superintendent.

12. Out of state animals will be accepted on space availability basis.

13. No changing or substitution at cooping.
1. All exhibitors MUST bring heavy weighted water dishes only or entries will not be accepted. No plastic or metal dishes. Cages and feed are provided.

2. Judging will be on Wednesday. Exhibitors do not have to be present for judging.

3. Judging of purebreds will be by the ABRA Standard of Perfection. There will also be classes for mixed bred pet stock. (Please state male or female, Sr. or Jr. and color).z

4. $.75 each entry fee.

Class Description:
For purebreds will be: Sr. Buck, Sr. Doe, Jr. Buck, Jr. Doe. Please state class on Entry.

Classes will be judged by breed. Pet classes will be grouped accordingly.

1st $5.00; 2nd $4.00; 3rd 3.00. Showmanship: 1st $20.00; 2nd $15.00; 3rd $10.00; 4th $5.00; 5th 1.00.

Trophy-Show Champion
Trophy-Reserve Show Champion
Rosettes: Best and Reserve Champion Pet Class
Ribbons given for First, Second and third place.
Open to all Youth up to 18 years of age as of January 1st of year of fair.
1. $.25 each entry fee.
2. Judging by the Danish system.
3. Same awards as the Open Show.
Freshman (age 9 and under)
Junior (age 10-11)
Intermediate (age 12-14)
Senior (Age 15-18)
1. Times will be posted on Tuesday. Please sign up on Tuesday if interested at the barn at coop in.
2. Awards- Rosette for First, Second, Third in each class. Participant ribbons for all who compete. Trophy for Grand Champion Showman, Reserve Champion Showman.
1. Friday, August at 10:00am in the Show Barn
2. Sign up at coop-in at barn on Tuesday.
3. Team of 2 youth – ages 5 – 12 years.
4. Entries on a first come, first serve basis due to limited time and space.
5. All animals must be in good health or will not be accepted.
6. Must be able to handle and control rabbit.
7. No touching the rabbit at any time when racing begins.

Classes: Male & Female rabbits.

Rosette for 1st and 2nd place.
Rules and Regulations:

1. Judging will be on Wednesday.
2. Purebreds will be judged by the ABA & APA standard of perfection.
3. There will be classes for mixed breeds.
4. No Standard Waterfowl. Bantam ducks only!
5. $.75 each entry fee.

Class Descriptions:

Classes shall be cock, hen cockerel, and pullet for purebreds. Mixed breeds will be judged accordingly.


1st $5.00; 2nd $4.00; 3rd $3.00

Showmanship: 1st $20.00, 2nd 15.00, 3rd $10.00; 4th $5.00

Trophy: Champion of Showmanship
Trophy: Reserve Champion of Showmanship
Rosettes: Best and Reserve Bantam
Best and Reserve Standard
Best and Reserve Waterfowl
Best and Reserve Pet (mixed breeds)

Ribbons given for First, Second and Third Place.
Open to all Youth up to 16 years of age.
1. Open to all Youth 18 years of age as of January 1 of year of Fair.
2. $.25 each entry fee.
3. Judging by the Danish system.
4. Same awards as the Open Show.
1. There will be Poultry Showmanship classes if there is any interest.
2. Same classes and awards as Rabbit Showmanship.
Friday at 5:00 PM @ Show Barn
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1. Entry fee $2.00 per bird. Cages provided.
2. A bird that crows the most times in allotted time is the winner.
3. No touching cage or bird.
4. Winner takes all entry money (guaranteed $20.00).
5. Open to anyone, bird does not have to be in the show.
Thursday 9:00AM Prompt
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Tina Fisk-Colt, Chairman | Chris Colt, Co-Chairman
P. O. Box 71
Clayville, RI 02815
Tel: 465-8159
ENTRY FEE: 2.00 per head Make checks payable to: Washington County Fair

Send entry blank and fees by August 1 to the chairman:
Tina Fisk-Colt, P. O. Box 71, Clayville, RI 02815

Animals may arrive on grounds between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday and will be released Thursday night. Exhibitors may enter no more than two animals in an individual class and one per group class. Exhibitors may show no more than two ewe lambs and two ram lambs per breed. Show is open to classes listed below. All bedding, feed, etc. must be supplied by the Exhibitor.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Out of State sheep MUST HAVE INTERSTATE HEALTH PAPERS showing them to be free of contagious disease or will be disqualified.

2. Information on Entry Form must be complete or will not be accepted.

3. Registration number must be shown on Entry Form for each animal. Substitutions permitted in some classes.

4. Ear Tag or Legible Tattoo, attached to ear, must be the same as shown on Entry Form.

5. Entries must be in the name that appears on the Registration Papers.

6. Registration and management papers must be available upon request.

7. Sheep must be Clean and Fitted For Show or they will be disqualified. If possible, wash animals before bringing to fair.

8. All Exhibitors must be properly and cleanly dressed.

9. All Livestock space is on a first come, first served basis. Exhibitors are limited to no more than 12 animals.

10. TEETH:
a) Lambs born after January 1st, must have all their lambs teeth.
b) Lambs born after September 1st , shown in senior classes, may have dropped the first pair of lambs teeth, but show no more than one corner of each yearling tooth.
c) Yearlings cannot have more than four (4) permanent teeth in use.

11. Classes with only one entry may receive 1st premium ribbon, but only second premium money.

12. Any class with only one exhibitor will be paid second and third premium monies.

13. The show committee reserves the right to cancel, combine, subdivide, or reclassify any classes.




Class Descriptions
40310 – Cheviot 40350 – Shropshire
40320 – Colored 40360 – Southdown
40330 – Dorset 40370 – Romney
40340 – Hampshire 40390 – All other breeds
40311 – Tunis 40380 – Black Lincolns
40312 – Cotswold 40391 – Suffolk

1. Ram Lamb—Sr. (born between Dec 1 to Jan 31)
2. Ram Lamb—Jr. (born Feb 1 and after)
3. Pair Ram Lambs
4. Yearling Ewe
5. Pair Yearling Ewes
6. Ewe Lamb—Sr. (born between Dec 1 to Jan 31)
7. Ewe Lamb—Jr. (born Feb 1 and after)
8. Pair Ewe Lambs
9. Pen of 3 Lambs
10. Flock consisting of: 1 Ram, 2 Yearling Ewe, and 2 Ewe Lambs
(One flock per exhibitor) (Must have been shown in individual classes)

Group Classes–One pair per exhibitor. (Must have been shown in individual classes)

403900- MARKET LAMB CLASSES (May not be shown in breed classes) Weight to be determined at show time.
Premiums: 1st-$20.00; 2nd-$15.00; 3rd-$10.00; 4th-$7.00; 5th-$5.00
Wednesday at 7:00 PM @ Show Barn
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Entrants must supply typed commentary to be read during the show rung judging. Commentary should briefly describe a detailed description of the garment, and a few words about the exhibitor and accompanying animal. Contestants shall lead a ewe over the age of 4 months. Typed commentaries must be mailed with entry forms.
1. Entrants must furnish an ensemble, 75% of which is 100% wool.
2. Bonus points will be awarded for handmade garments.
3. Garments will be prejudged on the contestant.
4. All animals must be fit to show standards.
5. All animals must have been exhibited in either the open or youth show.
1st - $30 2nd - $25 3rd - $20 4th - $15 5th - $10 6th - $5
1. Freshman (Ages 7 – 9)
2. Junior (Ages 10 – 12)
3. Intermediate (Ages 13 – 15)
4. Senior (Ages 16 – 20)

Friday at 6:30 PM @ Show Barn
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Kenneth Andrews Sr., Superintendent
Wendy Tavares and Carol Rathbun, Asst. Superintendents
436 Robin Hollow Road, West Greenwich, RI 02817
Tel: 401-397-5424 or 401-397-7116 | E-Mail: Pigfarmer2@verizon.net
Arrival: By 9:00 P.M., Tuesday
Swine Weigh-In: 8:00 A.M., Wednesday
Knowledge Test: 9:00 A.M.., Wednesday (Show Barn Area)

The Swine Show is open to youth to age 18 as of January 1st. They must have proof of ownership of the hogs by June 1st. Exhibitor should bring this proof of purchase to the fair for viewing by the superintendent if necessary. Hogs must weigh at least 100 pounds (including Pee-Wee hogs). Hogs will be weighed in on Wednesday at 8:00 A.M. by the superintendent or assistant superintendent(s) and a WCF official. All purebred gilts must be registered and registration papers are to be available to the superintendents upon arrival. Any purebreds without registration papers will automatically go in the crossbred gilt class. All exhibitors must pen their own hogs or be there to help pen their hogs upon arrival.

All hogs must be pre-entered by August 1st no exceptions will be allowed.

Pens will be assigned by the superintendent or assistant superintendent(s). Bedding will be provided by the fair. All hogs will be required to remain on the fairgrounds for display until the release of other animals or premium money will be forfeited. All pens are to be cleaned out at the end of the fair. Pens and area should be clean and presentable to the public at all times. All
show persons must wear proper show clothing (no sneakers or sandals allowed).

**Please refer to Animal Health Regulations main menu**

Note: Please note changes in the Pee-Wee Class: They must own their own hog(s) and register (enter) with the superintendent. Also, they will come in on Tuesday and remain until the close of the fair on Sunday. Market and Gilt classes may be divided by the superintendent if over 5 hogs in a class. Please do not dismantle your swine exhibit or clean out pens till 5:00 P.M. on Sunday.

Class Descriptions:
Market Hogs ( Minimum Weight 100lbs)
1. 100 lbs. – 125 lbs.
2. 126 lbs. – 150 lbs.
3. 151 lbs. – 175 lbs.
4. 176 lbs. – 200 lbs.
5. 201 lbs. – 225 lbs.
6. 226 lbs. – 250lbs.
7. 251 lbs. – 275 lbs.
8. Over 275 lbs.
9. Champion Market Hog
Breeding Gilts ( Minimum Weight 100lbs)
10. January Purebred Breeding Gilt
11. February Purebred Breeding Gilt
12. March Purebred Breeding Gilt
13. April Purebred Breeding Gilt
14. Champion Purebred Breeding Gilt
15. January Crossbred Breeding Gilt
16. February Crossbred Breeding Gilt
17. March Crossbred Breeding Gilt
18. April Crossbred Breeding Gilt
19. Champion Crossbred Breeding Gilt
20. Champion Overall Breeding Gilt
21. Youth General Knowledge Test (ages 5-9)
22. Youth General Knowledge Test (ages 10-14)
23. Youth General Knowledge Test (ages 15-18)
24. Pee-Wee Fitting Class (age 6 and under)
25. Pee-Wee Showmanship Class (ages 6 and under)
26. Freshman Fitting Class (ages 7-9)
27. Freshman Showmanship Class (ages 7-9)
28. Junior Fitting Class (ages 10-12)
29. Junior Showmanship Class (ages 10-12)
30. Intermediate Fitting Class (ages 13-15)
31. Intermediate Showmanship Class ( ages 13-15)
32. Senior Fitting Class (ages 16-18)
33. Senior Showmanship Class (ages 16-18)
34. Champion Fitting and Showmanship Class

Some of the classes may be combined to suit the numbers of hogs.


1st - $20.00; 2nd - $15.00; 3rd - $10.00; 4th - $7.00; 5th - $5.00
Showmanship: 1st - $20.00; 2nd - $15.00; 3rd - $10.00; 4th - $5.00
Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Show Barn

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Carol Rathbun, Supt. Bill Rathbun, Asst. Supt.
239 Plain Road, West Greenwich, RI
Phone: 401-397-3996, E-Mail: rihogs@aol.com
Rules and Regulations:
1. Must be swine exhibitor and owner.
2. Sign up is required.
3. Swine must be handled in a humane way.
Obstacle course will consist of a minimum of 5 stations. Will be a timed event and scored by points. Some of the classes may be combined to suit the number of hogs.
Classe Descriptions:
Freshman (5 to 9)
Junior (10-12)
Intermediate (13-15)
Senior (16-18)

1st - $30.00; 2nd - $25.00; 3rd - $20.00; 4th - $15.00; 5th - $10.00

Friday at 9:00 AM - Ring #1
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Susan McLintock - Superintendent
18A Castle Rock Dr
Charlestown, RI 02813

Lori Cobbett - Assistant Superintendent
436 Robin Hollow Road
West Greenwich, RI 02817
Rules and Regulations:

Entries Due: August 1 | Entry Fee: $1.00 per head
(please send entry fee with registration)

Refer to General Health Regulations. An Open Show for Angus, Hereford or Grade steers will be held simultaneously. WEIGH-IN OF STEERS WILL BEGIN AT 7:30 AM ON SHOW DAY. 4-H BEEF SHOWN IN THE 4-H BEEF SHOW DO NOT HAVE TO BE WEIGHED IN AGAIN. OPEN BEEF SHOW STARTS AT 9:00 AM PROMPTLY. Cattle must be in place by 8 A.M. on show day.

Boots or closed toe shoes must be worn at all times. No sandals.
No Bulls over 6 months old
No Horned Animals allowed

Class Descriptions:

Freshman—Ages 8 to 9 as of 1/1
Junior – Age 10 to 12 as of 1/1
Intermediate -- Age 13 to 15 as of 1/1
Senior – Age 16 to 19 as of 1/1

Steer Classes:
40205X Feeder Calves
40210X Lightweight Steer
40220X Medium Weight Steer
40230X Light Heavyweight Steer
40240X Heavyweight Steer
****Subject to Change depending upon the numbers of steers

Heifer Classes: All Registered Breeds—Registration Papers Needed
40250X Angus
40260X Hereford Females
40270X All Other Registered Breeds
40280X All Other Non-Registered Breeds
(For purebreds and Registered Mixed Breeds)

1. Jr. Heifer Calf -- Born after November 1st 2012
2. Sr. Heifer Calf -- Born July 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012
3. Jr. Yearling -- Born January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012
4. Sr. Yearling -- Born July 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011
5. Cow/Calf & 2 yr. olds with calves
6. Champion of Breed
7. Reserve Champion Breed
8. Best 3 Females
9. Produce of Dam
10. Get of Sire
11. Beef Herd-4 Animals by One Owner or 4-H Club
12. Supreme Breeding Animal
13. Reserve Supreme Breeding Animal

Calves up to 6 months may be shown with cow in cow/calf class.


Prizes: 1st — $30.00; 2nd — $25.00; 3rd — $20.00; 4th — $10.00
Saturday 2:00 PM @ Ring 2
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Jim & Susan Woloohojian, Superintendent (401) 397-7060
90 Seth Brown Road | West Greenwich, RI 02817
Rules and Regulations:

All entries need to be received by August 1st
Animals need to arrive Saturday morning – weigh in by 1pm
Barn space is limited
All animals must have horns
All animals over 6 months of age must be castrated
Class Descriptions:

Youth and Open Classes
1. Jr. Showmanship (7-14) as of January 1
2. Sr. Showmanship (15-21) as of January 1
3. Showmanship (over 21 – no premiums, no trophy)
4. Cart (under 18)
5. Cart (over 18)
6. Distance Pull (under 18)
7. Distance Pull (over 18)


Trophies for winner of each class (except over 21 showmanship):
1st - $20.00; 2nd - $15.00; 3rd - $10.00; 4th - $7.00; 5th - $5.00

Cart & Distance Premiums:
1st - $70.00; 2nd - $65.00; 3rd - $60.00; 4th - $55.00; 5th - $50.00; 6th - $45.00; 7th $40.00; 8th - $35.00

There will be a Best pair chosen to represent the working steer in the premier animal contest on Sunday. There will be a Champion Showman chosen for representation in the Premier Showmanship contest on Sunday. The above two designations are limited to those animals staying on the fairgrounds.

Susanna Camacho, Chairman
397 New London Turnpike
Exeter, RI 02822
Dairy and Beef Exhibitors – Judging begins Wednesday afternoon and continues through Sunday afternoon. Exhibitors will be judged on the cleanliness of exhibit and their animals, neatness, presentation and sportsmanship. Results will be announced Sunday evening. First, second and third prizes will be awarded.

Swine Exhibitors - Judging begins Wednesday afternoon and continues through Sunday afternoon. Exhibitors will be judged on the cleanliness of exhibit and their animals, neatness, presentation and sportsmanship. Results will be announced Sunday evening. First, second and third prizes will be awarded. Prizes are donated by the Washington County Fair.
Sunday 9:00 AM @ Show Barn
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Susanna Camacho, Chairman
397 New London Turnpike
Exeter, RI 02822
The Premier Showmanship contest will be comprised of all the first place showmanship winners of each livestock divisions. All individuals will be judged in Rabbits, Poultry, Beef, Dairy, Goats, Sheep, Swine, and Oxen. There will be a judge from each livestock division.

All participants will be judged individually on showmanship and knowledge of the species being shown.

Awards: 1st- $80.00; 2nd- $65.00; 3rd -$50.00; 4th-$45.00; 5th- $40.00; 6th- $35.00; 7th- $30.00; 8th- $25.00; 9th- $20.00

Premier Showman- Director’s chair; Reserve Showman- Trophy

An individual may only win this award twice. Then they will be exempt from the contest.
Saturday 11:00 AM @ Show Barn
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Susanna Camacho, Chairman
397 New London Turnpike
Exeter, RI 02822
Open to 4-H Youth and Youth shows only

The Premier Animal contest will be comprised of the Grand Champion Animal of each livestock division or the next highest place animal in the absence of the Grand Champion.
Animals will be judged in Rabbits, Poultry, Beef, Dairy, Goats, Sheep, Swine, Working Steer and Dogs. All animals will be judged on how it best represents its species.
Awards: 1st- $50.00; 2nd- $25.00; 3rd -$15.00; Participant -$10. In addition, the Grand and Reserve Champion will receive trophies.
Sunday 12:00 PM @ Show Barn
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Susanna Camacho, Chairman
397 New London Turnpike
Exeter, RI 02822
Open to any 4-H or youth whose animal was exhibited in the Youth or 4-H shows at the Fair. Participants will make a costume for their animal to wear during the contest. Judge will be picked by the Washington County Fair Committee.

Awards: $15.00 or most original; $15.00 for cutest; $15.00 for most agricultural; $15.00 for funniest; $15.00 for most artistic; $15.00 for most patriotic.
Presented: Sunday at Noon in Show Barn
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Paula Fish, Chairman
Ann Stone was a 4-H leader and friend of the Fair. She helped guide many youths to “do their best”. Her family has helped set up this award in her memory.

This perpetual trophy is awarded to the youth who demonstrates sportsmanship, leadership, and integrity during the present Fair season. Open to all 4-H youth and youth involved in showing animals at the Fair. An individual can only win this trophy one time. They will then be exempt from consideration of this award.

A committee, appointed by the Fair Committee, will pick the youth that best demonstrates the above qualities. 4-H Leaders may make recommendations to the chairperson of this committee.