Mark your calendars for the 2024 Washington County Fair: August 14 - August 18.
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4-H Farm School

Daily:  Wednesday - Friday, 4pm to 5pm
Superintendent: Christina DiCenzo
Telephone: 401-874-9412

What is Farm School?

4-H Farm School is a non-competitive program at Washington County Fair which gives youth the opportunity to educate and entertain the public by showcasing their 4-H animal and/or agricultural projects. Farm School participants will talk with the general public, especially small children and families, about their chosen topic. Live animals are encouraged! Youth will talk about their project’s unique needs and characteristics, such as grooming, training, showing, anatomy, or care of an animal and methods or techniques related to an agricultural product (e.g. soap, milk, etc.).

Presentations should be lively and fun. This presentation is more like having a conversation than giving a speech. Some facts and information should be prepared, but the audience’s interest will guide the presentation. The more interactive, the better!  No need to get stressed-out – It’s just you and your friends talking to people who want to learn more about what you do. No judges.

PLUS all registered presenters will receive a 4-H tee-shirt and $5 after completing their Farm School presentation. Participation in Farm School can count towards Public Speaking and Community Service in Record Books and Big-E Applications.

Participants will be invited to attend a workshop prior to Farm School to practice their presentations and hone their speaking skills.

Presentation Schedule:
Wed: 4pm to 5pm
Thurs: 4pm to 5pm
Fri: 4pm to 5pm

Rules & Regulations

  1. All participants must be enrolled in 4-H.
  2. All state Animal Health Regulations apply for this program. Animals must be inspected by the appropriate official and have current and correct health certification to be unloaded and allowed on the fairgrounds. If your animal is coming to the fair for this program only, plan to provide your own containment for your animal while it is at the fair. Trailers will have to leave the livestock parking area as soon as 4-H Farm School is finished.
  3. Exhibitors must be on the fairgrounds, checked-in with 4-H Staff, and ready to present at least one hour before the assigned presentation time.
  4. Presentations should last at least 10 minutes.
  5. Only exhibitors who have registered before the deadline are eligible for a premium and other prizes.
  6. Exhibitors must be dressed appropriately. Appropriate footwear when handling animals is required.
  7. Speakers will be required to use a microphone. A microphone and PA system will be provided. No PowerPoint or digital presentations will be allowed.

How to Register

Entries are due by August 1. Please email for more information. A registration link will be made available before the deadline. You MUST receive confirmation of your time slot and presentation topic to be fully registered. Please note that you may be asked to change presentation topics if the topic is inappropriate or has already been requested.

Helpful Tips

  1. You may want to present in teams of 2 to 4 members if live animals are present, so one team member can be speaking while the others are handling the animals. Remember that team members must take turns speaking!
  2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your presentation ahead of time so that you are comfortable and prepared when speaking
  3. Be enthusiastic and confident when speaking – you will be competing with the noise and distraction of the fair!
  4. Engage the audience with questions, props, demonstrations, etc. The more involved the audience feels, the better your presentation will be!
  5. If you need advice on topics or would like to practice your presentation ahead of time, you can always contact the State 4-H Office for help!
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