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Time: Friday at 9:00AM
Ring #1


  1. Entries Due: August 1 through online registration (see link below).
  2. Entry Fee: $1.00 per head (please send entry fee with registration).
  3. Refer to General Health Regulations. An Open Show for Angus, Hereford or Grade steers will be held simultaneously. Weigh-in of steers will begin at 7:30 AM on show day. 4-H beef shown in the 4-H Beef Show do not have to be weighed in again. Open Beef Show starts at 9:00 AM promptly. Cattle must be in place by 8 AM on show day.
  4. For the open beef and steer show where there is no competition, first, (1st) premium may be awarded but only second (2nd) money paid.
  5. Boots or closed toe shoes must be worn at all times. No sandals.
  6. No Bulls over 6 months old.
  7. No Horned Animals allowed.


Superintendent: Jessica Couto
Address: 11 Kennedy Rd Foster, RI 02825

Beef exhibitors are required to register online. Registration closes on August 1

Class Descriptions
Freshman: Ages 8 to 9 as of 1/1
Junior: Age 10 to 12 as of 1/1
Intermediate: Age 13 to 15 as of 1/1
Senior: Age 16 to 19 as of 1/1

Steer Classes
40205X Feeder Calves
40210X Lightweight Steer
40220X Medium Weight Steer
40230X Light Heavyweight Steer
40240X Heavyweight Steer

* Subject to change depending upon the numbers of steers

Heifer Classes
All Registered Breeds – Registration Papers Needed
40250X Angus
40260X Hereford Females
40270X All Other Registered Breeds
40280X All Other Non-Registered Breeds

1. Jr. Heifer Calf
2. Sr. Heifer Calf
3. Jr. Yearling
4. Sr. Yearling
5. Cow/Calf & 2 yr. olds with calves
6. Champion of Breed
7. Reserve Champion Breed
8. Best 3 Females
9. Produce of Dam
10. Get of Sire
11. Beef Herd-4 Animals by One Owner or 4-H Club
12. Supreme Breeding Animal
13. Reserve Supreme Breeding Animal

Calves up to 6 months may be shown with cow in cow/calf class.

1st – $30.00; 2nd – $25.00; 3rd – $20.00; 4th – $10.00


Time: Sunday at 9:00 AM
Ring #1


  1. All entries are received on the day of the show.
  2. Animals need to arrive by 830am on Sunday Morning. Classes will begin promptly at 9am.
  3. Exhibitors should plan on showing from their trailers although some stall space may be available.
  4. All animals must have horns.
  5. All animals over 6 months of age must be castrated
  6. The Washington County Fair reserve the right to change any classes in order to accomodate class size, equipment avilability, or time constraints.


Sandy Eggers

Class Descriptions
Youth and Open Classes

1. Jr. Showmanship (7-14) as of January 1
2. Sr. Showmanship (15-21) as of January 1
3. Showmanship (over 21 – no premiums, no trophy)
4. Cart (under 18)
5. Cart (over 18)
6. Scoot (under 18)
7. Scoot (over 18)

Prizes for winner of each class (except over 21 showmanship):
1st – $20.00; 2nd – $15.00; 3rd – $10.00; 4th – $7.00; 5th – $5.00

Cart & Distance Premiums
1st – $70.00; 2nd – $65.00; 3rd – $60.00; 4th – $55.00; 5th – $50.00; 6th – $45.00; 7th $40.00; 8th – $35.00

There will be a Best Pair chosen to represent the working steer in the premier animal contest on Sunday. There will be a Champion Showman chosen for representation in the Premier Showmanship contest on Sunday.

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