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4-H Sheep Show

Wednesday 12:00pm
Show Barn

Superintendent: Alicia Cranston
Telephone: 401-480-9416


  1. Youth must be registered 4H members. Not a member? Contact Alicia Cranston @ to learn how to register.
  2. During registration, you must indicate if you are staying all week and not leaving on Thursday night dismissal of open sheep show.
  3. When registering, you must decide if you are entering Youth, Open or BOTH. Youth must enter both divisions and pay applicable entry fees at time of entry in order to compete in both Youth and Open. No changes will be allowed after the entry deadline passes.
  4. The Fitting and Showmanship show is a 4H show separate from the open show. Both Youth and Adult divisions are held in the open show on Thursday. See the LIVESTOCK menu of this site. YOUTH MUST ALSO COMPLETE AN OPEN SHOW ENTRY FOR BREED CLASSES.
  5. No individuals under the age of 5 will be permitted in the show ring, regardless of supervision from an adult, per Washington County Fair Rules.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Show is open to registered 4-H Members. Exhibitors must have owned or managed their sheep on or before July 1.
  2. 4-H sheep must be penned and registration and rabies/health papers checked in with the 4-H or Open Superintendents by 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday.
  3. 4H Sheep will be released by the 4H and Open Show Superintendents by Thursday at 6 PM. Each 4Her is responsible for breaking down his/her pens provided. If sheep are staying through to Sunday as indicated on entry, work with Superintendents to determine any barn needs.
  4. Each 4-H exhibitor must show his or her own project sheep alone in the ring. Another 4-H/er may help the exhibitor if the animal is unruly or the 4-H’er requires special circumstances. These exceptions must be discussed with the Youth Superintendent prior to the show.

Fitting and Showmanship

  1. 4-H Exhibitors must enter a Fitting and Showmanship class. It is based on: blocking and fitting for the Show, handling and posing the animal before the judge, personal appearance and sportsmanship of the exhibitor.
  2. Exhibitors enter only one Fitting and Showmanship Class:
    FITTING & SHOWMANSHIP – Class Descriptions
    1: Cloverbud Ages 5,6,7 as of January 1
    2: Novice- Any age first year showing.
    3: Junior Ages 8,9,10,11 as of January 1
    4: Intermediate Ages 12,13, 14 as of January 1
    5: Senior Ages 15,16,17,18 as of January 1
  3. Exhibitor Dress: White shirt/blouse; tan or black pants must be clean and neat (no jeans).
  4. Classes may be divided according to breed and/or exhibitor age.


Ribbons for Blue, Red and White placing.  Special awards for Champion Showman in each division.


Showmanship: 1st – $20.00; 2nd – $15.00; 3rd – $10.00; 4th – $5.00

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