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Landscape Exhibits

2023 Theme: ‘Down On The Farm’
2024 Theme: Harvest Time

Rules & Regulations

  1. Space provided for FFA Landscape Exhibits will be 15 feet across the front and 10 feet deep. The Competition is open to all FFA Chapters in Rhode Island.
  2. A Chapter sign will be displayed in each exhibit after judging. A sketch 22″ x 18″ (covered with clear plastic to protect from rain and water), which identifies plant materials in the exhibit, shall be erected in the left front corner of the exhibit. 3. Front viewing of the exhibit shall be the primary objective. The rear of the exhibit has a six-foot wall, but there is no limit to the height, which may be used. 4. No less than five types of live plant materials will be used and they shall be of good type and condition (balled or containers). 5. Exhibits will be judged Wednesday. The criteria by which the FFA Landscapes Exhibits will be judged are as follows:

Design: 300 points
Plant Materials: 300 points
Nonliving Materials: 200 points
Sketch and Labeling: 200 points
Premiums: 1st – $125, 2nd – $100, 3rd, 4th, 5th – $75 each


Rebecca Burton: 860-287-4673

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