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Food Booth Rules

  • All food concessionaires must send a copy of their insurance policy and their food license (NON-PROFIT) prior to the start or fair. Your food license must be renewed every year.
  • Due to health department requirements, all ice must be purchased through the Pomona Kitchen. No ice can be brought onto the fairgrounds from any other vendor.
  • Each food booth will be allowed one (1) protected item which will be listed on the contract.
  • All items sold at said food concession booth shall be listed on the contract and subject to committee approval.
  • All food is to be cooked on site as per the health department regulations.
  • ALL concessions must provide a certificate of liability insurance including product liability naming the Washington County Fair as an additional name insured, or be added to the fair’s insurance at a cost of $100.00. Minimum coverage required shall be $1,000,00
  • All food concession booths will be given 35 free passes; the next 65 passes will be sold at ½ price, and any passes after that will be sold at advanced ticket prices. These tickets are for WORKERS ONLY. PURCHASED TICKETS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.
  • When driving onto the fairgrounds during the five days of fair, a ticket MUST be presented at the concession gate for all passengers in the vehicle except the driver. The driver MUST present a ticket when re-entering the fair after removing their vehicle.
  • All vehicles are to be removed from the fairgrounds by 10 AM during operation. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds after 930 AM.
  • Propane tanks shall be secured to the booth, and MUST be turned off at the end of the fair.
  • BEFORE any food concession booth is sold to another non-profit organization, you must receive prior written approval from the fair committee. Menus are non-transferable.
  • If another organization is going to run your booth with you or for you, you must inform the fair committee of your intentions and get prior approval before a transaction can take place. There is no sub-leasing allowed. Menus are non-transferable to another organization.
  • Due to liability of the Richmond electrical permit process any and all electrical work needed to be done at the food booth will be done by the Washington County Fair’s electrician(s) only. Please let him know at least two months prior to the start of the fair.
  • Due to liability of the Richmond mechanical permit process any and all propane supplied and work needed to be done at the food booth will be done by the Washington County Fair’s propane technician(s) only. Please let him know at least two months prior to the start of the fair.
  • All building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits (i.e. construction or changes) associated with your food booth must be applied for by June 1 of each year to the Town of Richmond. All permits are to be submitted through the state's e-permitting system called view point. All permits applied for, must be accompanied with a registered professional for their trade with the State of Rhode Island.
  • Inspections will be required to be completed by the Town of Richmond by August 1 every year for food booths with open permits. This inspection does not include the Department of Health, Carolina Fire Department, and Town of Richmond that occurs the week of the fair.
  • NO additions or alterations to the food booth without prior written approval of the fair committee.
  • The disposal of all non operating appliances will be the food booth’s responsibility and expense.
  • All outside refrigerators are to be lockable, and must be secured for the night.
  • NO electric hot water heaters are allowed. New electrical equipment must be submitted for approval by the fair committee and electrician.
  • ALL fryolator oil removal is the responsibility of the food booth. First time any oil left at the fairgrounds two weeks following the fair will be disposed of by the fair committee at the cost of the food booth. Second time oil is left, expenses will double. Third time oil is left disciplinary action may be taken by the fair committee.
  • All food concession booths must provide a key to the booth to the fair committee.
  • Food booths must stay open until 10 PM except for Sunday at which time you may close at 8PM.
  • For safety purposes all beverages sold at said food concession booth must be sold in cups (paper, plastic, or Styrofoam) or plastic bottles only. No beverages sold in cans are allowed.
  • Communication about when power, water, and propane are turned on will be communicated to all food booths on an annual basis.
  • All food concessionaire agrees to adhere to these rules and the general rules of the fair.
  • Adherence to state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances are at responsibility and cost of the food booth concessionaires.
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