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Woodsman Contest

Rules & Regulations

  1. RI FFA members must be or have been enrolled in a High School Ag Program for the current year. A team consists of two members. A team consisting of a boy and a girl will compete with the boys!
  2. The Chairman will provide splitting mauls and axes. Every team must bring their own saw! Cant hooks will be available to use.
  3. Decision of the Judges is final. Judges reserve the right to disqualify anyone for unsportsman- like conduct or for safety reasons


Log Roll
Team members will roll a log on rails (2×4) a distance of 30-40 ft. Girls-one way, Boys down and back! If the log rolls off the rail it must be brought back to that point, placed back on the rail before the team may continue. The log is 12 inches longer than the rails are wide.

Log Drag
Team members will drag a log with a two-man log carrier. Girls will drag the log 30-40 feet-Boys 60-80 feet.

Pulp Throw
Team members will throw 6 pieces of pulp 20 feet and have them land between two stakes four feet apart. They will throw as many as they can in 2 minutes. If they step over the line a deduction will occur. The time allowed will be two minutes.

Dot Split
Team members will be asked to split 5-7 dots each on a chopping block. There is no time limit. The axe must be over the member’s head and drop to split the dot.

Wood Splitting
Team members will split wood for 2 minutes. They will place the wood in a barrel with a 5-inch hole in the top. No round wood can be pushed into the barrel. The wood will be measured by volume.

Team members will saw an 8×8 inch pine cant. Girls will make 2 cuts – Boys 3 cuts.

FFA Fire (optional)
Team members will gather firewood, can of water, match, and fire-starter bag from the four corners of the ring. Each member of the team may carry only one item at a time back to his or her stand in the middle of the ring. The team to boil the water first-places first!

Trophies will be presented to the top overall male and female teams. Premiums for high score foreach event.


Aaron Gathen: 401-932-9981
Kyle Lussier: 401-300-2921
Advisors: Joan Selfridge, Scituate; Malaree Searle Kane and Eric Rotondo, Ponaganset; Stacie Pepperd and Christine Haberek, Chariho; Rebecca Burton, Aaron Gathen, and Meredith Ashworth, Narragansett; Gwynne Miller and Katie Kocab, Exeter-West Greenwich.
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