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Chairman: Tina Fisk-Colt & Chris Colt
49 George Washington Hgwy, Clayville, RI 02815
Telephone: 401-465-8159


Note: All sheep must have a scrapie tag in their ear.

Entry Fee: $2.00 per head. Make checks payable to: Washington County Fair.

Animals may arrive on grounds between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday and will be released Thursday night. Exhibitors may enter no more than two animals in an individual class and one per group class. Exhibitors may show no more than two ewe lambs and two ram lambs per breed. Show is open to classes listed below. All bedding, feed, etc. must be supplied by the Exhibitor. When registering, please select if you are entering Youth, Open or BOTH. Youth may enter both divisions if applicable entry fees are paid at time of entry. Youth classes will be the same as the Open Show classes and coincide with Open Show.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Out of State sheep must have interstate health papers showing them to be free of contagious disease or will be disqualified.
  2. Information on Entry Form must be complete or will not be accepted.
  3. Registration number must be shown on Entry Form for each animal, with the exception of Market Lambs. Substitutions permitted in some classes.
  4. Ear Tag or Legible Tattoo, attached to ear, must be the same as shown on Entry Form.
  5. Entries must be in the name that appears on the Registration Papers or youth may have valid management papers.
  6. Registration and management papers (for 4-H youth management) must be available upon request.
  7. Sheep must be Clean and Fitted For Show or they will be disqualified. If possible, wash animals before bringing to fair.
  8. All Exhibitors must be properly and cleanly dressed.
  9. All Sheep entries are on a first come first served basis. Exhibitors are limited to no more than 12 animals. Pen assignments will be assigned by the show chairmen.
  10. Teeth:
    a) Lambs born after January 1st, must have all their lambs teeth.
    b) Lambs born after September 1st , shown in senior classes, may have dropped the first pair of lambs teeth, but show no more than one corner of each yearling tooth.
    c) Yearlings cannot have more than four (4) permanent teeth in use.
  11. Classes with only one entry may receive 1st premium ribbon, but only second premium money.
  12. Any class with only one exhibitor will be paid second place premium monies.
  13. The show committee reserves the right to cancel, combine, subdivide, or reclassify any classes.
  14. Those exhibitors staying through Sunday MUST specify on entry form.
  15. Exhibitors must have owned or managed their animals on or before July 1.
  16. Youth Exhibitors must show his or her own project sheep alone in the single classes. Another Youth may help the exhibitor if the animal is extremely large, unruly or the Youth has a handicap. If a Youth has multiple animals in a group class another Youth may help handle an animal. These exceptions must be discussed with the superintendents prior to the show.

* All stock trailers are to be moved to the designated area in the parking lot. All sheep must be accompanied by an official health certificate and show proof of current rabies vaccination for each animal entered. Rabie vaccination must have been given a minimum of 30 days prior to the show.

* All sheep must be accompanied by an official health certificate and show proof of current rabies vaccination for each animal entered. rabie vaccination must have been given a minimum of 30 days prior to the show.

* Pens will need to be broken down before leaving on Thursday!

Class Descriptions

40310 – Cheviot
40320 – Natural Colored
40330 – Dorset
40340 – Hampshire
40350 – Shropshire
40360 – Southdown
40370 – Romney
40380 – Colored Lincolns
40390 – All other breeds Meat
40315 – All other breeds Wool
40311 – Tunis
40312 – Cotswold
40313 - Black & White Border Leicester
40314 - Dorper
40316 - White Lincoln
40391 – Suffolk
403900 - Market Lamb Classes

1. Ram Lamb – Sr. - Born between Sept 1st - Jan 31st
2. Ram Lamb – Jr. - Born Feb 1st abd AFTER
3. Pair Ram Lambs
4. Yearling Ewe
5. Pair Yearling Ewes
6. Ewe Lamb Sr. – Born between Sept 1st - Jan 31st
7. Ewe Lamb Jr. - Born Feb 1st abd AFTER
8. Pair Ewe Lambs
9. Pen of 3 Lambs
10. Flock consisting of: 1 Ram, 2 Yearling Ewe, and 2 Ewe Lambs
(One flock per exhibitor) (Must have been shown in individual classes)

Group Classes
One pair per exhibitor. (Must have been shown in individual classes)
403900- Market Lamb Classes (May not be shown in breed classes) Weight to be determined at show time.

Premiums: 1st – $20.00; 2nd – $15.00; 3rd – $10.00; 4th – $7.00; 5th – $5.00

Youth: 1st - $10; 2nd - $7.00; 3rd - $6.00; 4th - $3.00
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