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Rules & Regulations

  • Please check under your correct show for the arrival dates of your animals. All 4-H animals must be either owned or managed by the appropriate date of their species. Registration and management papers must be available upon request. FFA and other livestock exhibitors will be admitted at the discretion of the chairman. Please check under your correct show for the arrival dates and times for your animals.
  • All livestock space will be assigned by the Chairmen.
  • All entries accepted between July 1 and August 1. No late entries. Please note: Entries will be limited to barn space. Due to the increase in participation an exhibitor may be asked to leave additional animals home. We will try to accommodate all entries. All feed and bedding must be provided by the exhibitor. For your animals health requirements please see the 🡆 State Health Regulations
  • All livestock passes will be given out Tuesday between 4pm and 9pm. No admittance at the livestock gate after 12:00pm on Wednesday without a pass. Release time for all livestock exhibitors on Sunday is 7pm. No breaking down exhibits until 6pm on Sunday.
  • Individuals under the age of 5 will not be permitted into the show ring with livestock regardless of supervision from an adult.


Livestock Superintendents:

Julie and Paul Brodeur
839 Waites Corner Road West Kingston, RI 02892

Sean McGrory, Fair Committee Liason to Livestock
Chelsea McGrory, Assistant


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