Mark your calendars for the 2024 Washington County Fair: August 14 - August 18.
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  • All entries due by August 1st through online registration (see link below).
  • Show will start on Thursday at 10:00am. All Jr. Classes will show in the morning and milking animals will start at 1pm or as the judge designates. We will have a staggered milking time start for each breed. Times will be announced based upon the number of entries received. Each breed will complete their show, and the next breed will start. If Jr. Animal show is not completed by milking start time, we will start the milking classes and then conclude the Jr. Animals.
  • For the open dairy, beef, sheep, goat and swine shows where there is no competition, first, (1st) premium may be awarded but only second (2nd) money paid.
  • Exhibitors are reminded that hay must furnish feed and bedding for their animals. Exhibitors are required to clean up of tie area after the show.
  • Entry Fees: $1.00 per head.
  • Youth animals should be in place at the Fairgrounds by 9:00am on Wednesday.
    Open animals can arrive Wednesday night or Thursday morning before the show.
  • Animals will be released upon completion of the show. Junior exhibitors are required to stay for the entire length of the fair or as barn space permits. Junior exhibitors are required to show in showmanship in order to receive junior premiums. If space allows open exhibitors may stay the length of the fair.


Julie & Paul Brodeur
839 Waites Corner Road West Kingston, RI 02892


Classes as follows:

420001: Bull Calf – Under one year of age
420002: Jr. Heifer Calf
420003: Intermediate Heifer Calf
420004: Senior Heifer Calf
420005: Summer Yearling Heifer
420006: Jr. Yearling Heifer
420007: Intermediate Yrlng Heifer
420008: Sr. Yearling Heifer
420009: Jr. Get of Sire
420010: Best Jr. Three
420012: Jr. Two Year Old
420013: Sr. Two Year Old
420014: Three Year Old Cow
420015: Four Year Old Cow
420016: Five Year Old Cow
420017: Aged Cow-over 5 yrs old
420018: Dry Cow Must have calved at least once
420019: Sr. Get of Sire
420020: Produce of Dam
420021: Daughter-Dam
420022: Breeder’s Herd of Four Animals (At least 2 over & 2 under 2)

Open Premiums: 1st-$30.00; 2nd–$25.00; 3rd- $20.00; 4th-$10.00; and 5th-$5.00
Group Classes: 1st-$30.00; 2nd-$25.00; 3rd-$20.00; 4th-$10.00; 5th-$5.00
Jr. Premiums: 1st-$22.00; 2nd-$17.00; 3rd-$13.00; 4th-$10.00

The fair committee has approved premiums for group classes.

Junior Dairy Showmanship

Time: Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Venue: Ring 1

The classes will be judged according to the PDCA Uniform Scorecard for Dairy Showmanship. PDCA suggested guidelines should be adhered to and judges will be asked to follow these recommendations.

Class Descriptions
Class 1: Pee-Wee Ages 5-7 as of January 1
Class 2: Freshman Ages 7-9 as of January 1
Class 3: Junior Ages 10-12 as of January 1
Class 4: Intermediate Ages 13-15 as of January 1
Class 5: Senior Ages 16-20 as of January 1

Showmanship Premiums: 1st-$20.00; 2nd-$15.00; 3rd-$10.00; 4th-$5.00

Dairy Clipping Contest

Time: Wednesday around 7:00pm
Venue: Showbarn (following Swine Obstacle Course)

This clipping contest is a practice and an educational competition for the regional contest held at the Eastern States Exposition.

Rules & Regulations

Animals will be provided by the Dairy Superintendent. Clippers and all grooming equipment (i.e.: brushes, extension cords, blowers, chutes, etc.) must be provided by the participants. Each team will consist of three youth involved in AG programs. A fourth person may serve as a coach (i.e.: X-4H’ers, X-FFA). This is optional. Participants must wash and blow-dry the animals prior to the start of the event.

This event is timed and judged. Teams must be entered the day before the competition. Prize money and rosettes will be awarded.


1st Place Team: $90.00
2nd Place Team: $75.00
3rd Place Team: $60.00
4th Place Team: $45.00
5th Place Team: $30.00
6th Place Team: $15.00

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