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Exhibit Buildings Rules

  1. Exhibits will be accepted from 10:00am to 8:00pm on the Monday preceding the fair in the Arts & Crafts Building and the Agriculture Building, and 1:00pm to 6:30pm in the 4-H Building. No exhibits will be accepted in these buildings on any other day. There may be other entry times for other exhibit areas. Consult the rules of the department in which you wish to place an exhibit.
  2. All exhibitors and their families are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and acceptable behavior to other exhibitors and their families, Judges, Fair Committee members, Fair Superintendents, and Fair attendees. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Should an exhibitor or a member of their family disregard these rules or cause any disruption before, during or after a show, the Fair Committee reserves the right to require the exhibitor to leave the Fairgrounds, forfeiting all prizes and winnings.
  3. No exhibits in any of the exhibit buildings will be accepted on Wednesday morning.
  4. Exhibits cannot be removed before Sunday evening of the fair. Exhibitors will be admitted to the fairgrounds by showing their claim check from their exhibit tag starting at 8 pm on the Sunday of the fair. Exhibits can be removed from the fairgrounds the Sunday of the fair after 8 pm.
  5. Prize money will be forfeited on exhibits if removed prior to the dismissal, indicated above, on the Sunday of fair.
  6. Entries will be disqualified if rules and regulations are not adhered to or will not be welcomed back to future fairs.
  7. Premium awards will be paid at the Fair Office to persons who have winning items within any exhibit building on the Sunday of Fair from noon to 9:30pm. In the event awards are not picked up on Sunday of the fair, they will be mailed to exhibitors winning them ONLY in the event that we have the complete address on file. If not, awards will be forfeited. Note: Premiums of $10.00 or less will not be mailed!
  8. There will be a committee composed of the Officers of the Fair Committee which will have the power to give recognition to any exhibit at the fair for which there is no category and which they think worthy of receiving such recognition.
  9. In all classes in all departments within the exhibit buildings (i.e. Arts & Crafts, Agriculture, and 4H) where there is no competition, first, (1st) premium may be awarded but only second (2nd) money paid.
  10. No person will be allowed to interfere with the judges while performing their duties and any person so interfering will be excluded from competition. Competent judges will be employed to judge all exhibits and contests.
  11. Each exhibit entered will be judged according to its merit per the judging criteria. All decisions made by the judges are final.
  12. Competition within the exhibit buildings at the Washington County Fair is open to all except for the Queen Contest.
  13. No Commercial/Professional Exhibitors will be allowed on the grounds unless permission is secured from the Fair Committee prior to entry.
  14. Due to liability of the Richmond electrical permit process any and all electrical work needed to be done at the fairgrounds will be done by the Washington County Fair’s electrician(s) only.
  15. Exhibit Building Exhibitors will be disqualified if rules and regulations are not followed or may lead to probation and potentially expulsion from future fairs at the discretion of the Fair Committee.
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